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Welcome, Food Creator 

Join Plates and become part of a movement that cares about the impact of food on our health and communities. Whether you're a farmer, baker, beekeeper, fisherman, or chef, we're here to help you share your passion for food.


Our platform empowers food Creators to make a positive change in the world by providing a space to cook, connect, and inspire others.


Choose Plates to cook the food you love and make a difference in your neighborhood.

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How Does It Work?


Unleash your potential as a food entrepreneur and share your creations with the world.


Freedom to choose how you share your creations, whether it's through immersive dine-in experiences, convenient pickup, or hassle-free delivery.


Join us now to start monetizing your love of cooking.

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At Plates, we're working towards a future that redefines our food system. We aim to reconstruct the social fabric of our local communities by reviving the importance of home-cooked meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


Are you up to the challenge?

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