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8 Podcasts that will teach you more about food justice, culture, health and the environment

At Plates, not only do we care about you receiving healthy food through our platform, we also care about you learning about the food world around you through diverse perspectives across the food industry. There are thousands of podcasts out there and only so much time. If you’re reading this then it’s easy to assume that you are someone who one, loves podcasts and two, is interested in finding podcasts that have substance in the world of food. With the rise of podcasts as an important medium for learning new information, what better way to get good messages out there by sharing informative podcasts that will teach you more about food justice, culture, health and the environment.

Eating Matters

Hosted by Jenna Liut

Podcast Summary: Want to know more about food as it intersects with health, labor, sustainability and our collective future? Then take a journey to the food policy world through a detailed conversation of what really goes on in the food industry with food policy experts and leaders who understand the intricates of the food we eat. Website | Podcast


Hosted by Tom Philpott, Kiera Butler and Maddie Oatman

Podcast Summary: This is a podcast focused on providing you stories that are centered on the human experience. Each episode tackles the politics and science of food and you’ll always expert perspectives on the topics they explore each week. Website | Podcast

Female Farmer Project Podcast

Hosted by Audra Mulkern

Podcast Summary: This podcast is all about centering women in the discussion of agricultural issues. You’ll find episodes exploring empowerment, ownership, community, and representation through guests ranging from a myriad of backgrounds in the agricultural landscape. Website | Podcast

Food Heaven Podcast

Hosted by Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones

Podcast Summary: Maybe you’re missing a discussion about health and nutrition. If you’re are or you just want to learn about it, look no further. As registered dietitian nutritionists, the hosts sit down and talk with other experts about living healthier lives. You’ll find topics on myths, stress, self-compassion, controversial foods and more all focusing on creating what they consider to be a sustainable and inclusive path to wellness. Website | Podcast

Meant to be Eaten

Hosted by Coral Lee

Podcast Summary: Looking for a podcast about cultural exchange and critiques about diversity in food spaces? Then this podcast hosted by first-generation Chinese host, Coral Lee explores these topics with guests where she injects politics into the very way, we understand food and how there is so much to be done in the industry. Website | Podcast

Racist Sandwich

Hosted by Stephanie Kuo and Juan Ramirez

Podcast Summary: Have you ever wonder where are the podcasts talking about food issues about and with people of color? This podcast focuses on centering discussions that are rarely discussed with people of color as the center of the story. By sitting down with different guests, from chefs to editors to food justice leaders, listeners can get a chance to really understand what it’s like to be in the industry and everything in between through the lens of race, class and gender. Website | Podcast

The Farm Report

Hosted by Lisa Elaine Held

Podcast Summary: There is so much the average person doesn’t know about farms. But the beauty of not knowing is learning about it — from agricultural issues to innovation you’ll learn about how farmers fit into the food world alongside other important players in the food space. Through short interviews with industry leaders, listeners will understand all they need to know about the farmers’ perspective and the work that goes into growing and the business of it in our society. Website | Podcast

Eat Your Words

Hosted by Cathy Erway

Podcast Summary: If you’re interested in discussions with professional chefs and self-taught chefs whose published their own cookbooks and memoirs, this one is for you. What is so special about this podcast is its ability to mix literature and the world around us together in one awesome 30 – 40-minute podcast. Website | Podcast


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