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Around The Table: Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

What’s This All About?

Plates is off to a great start engaging communities of food lovers, creators and all that exist in between. Around The Table (or, ATT for short) is our new, weekly video segment that is meant to engage and inspire viewers. Food is always the main focus, but our Picky Palate Host Rich and diverse panel of food experts speak on it from many different angles. Each episode aims to introduce a new train of thought as it relates to how we eat, and rehases old thoughts to figure out how we can make it better. Continue reading below to get an overview of our first two episodes, then click on the videos to watch!

Episode 1: Around The Table- Hosted by Plates

Our first episode includes Chef Aran, Chef Sara and Food & Travel Blogger Sydney. We try to keep it positive and purposeful by sharing meals plans, food experimenting, cooking something completely new and going homemade with items typically brought in store.

First Course: Restaurants are Closing

  1. Aran talks about his virtual cooking classes and supporting brick and mortar shops.

  2. Sara finds global attention as a vegan chef and a new demand for plant based eating. 

  3. Sydney is finding it hard to stay indoors, but has been doing a lot of dining in and trying her hand at cooking new cuisines!

Second Course: Doors Are Reopening

  1. Globe trotter Sydney keys us in on her favorite restaurants in Stockholm, Florence and Maryland!

  2. Sara lets us know that people are eager to help their local businesses and that outdoor dining and open air eating will prevail for now.

  3. Aran simply cannot wait to get back out onto the scene and be amongst his  community of food creators! His adaptability lies in being resourceful.

Third Course: Food Creators Are Evolving

  1. Sara her productivity levels soar and a new level of personal freedom.

  2. Aran is very accustomed to operating in person, but talks fun ways to stay engaged and the new possibilities he sees for the home chef.

  3. Cooking at home has made Sydney more humble, and appreciate dining out more.  She tells us why.

Toast: Last Thoughts

  1. Chef Sara makes suggestions for swapping things out in a pinch.

  2. Food and Travel Blogger Sydney tells us what foods to look out for in Bali.

  3. Chef Aran strives to keep it simple and simply keep cooking. He knows that we’ll always find a way and that food is central to that.

Episode 2: Healthier Eating at Home

Our second course is all about giving viewers an education in eating, and doing so in a healthy fashion. We have our same guest panelists from our first episode joining us again this time. We talk gardens, finding inspiration to cook and getting ourselves into the kitchen!

First Course: Start at The Source

  1. Chef Aran wants us to focus on what not to cook instead of what to cook. He tells s a funny thing to watch out for as you start your gardening journey.

  2. Travel and Food Blogger Sydney talks about lockdown in the northeast and the ambitious alternative she devised to ensure she has local food.

  3. Chef Sara finds old habits disrupted. Her response? Raised bed gardens.

Second Course: Pick the Right Meal

  1. Sydney finds Pinterest and Instagram to be the staples of her food finding quest.

  2. Sara is an industry vet who came from a tradition of searching cookbooks and  magazine articles for meal ideas but now, it’s all Google for her.

  3. Aran is an all out cookbook junkie and looks to the global arena of cuisine for food inspirations. He’ll tell you all about his favorite persian dish if you let him.

Third Course: Get Cooking

  1. Chef Sara has a bevy of plant based, quarantine friendly recipes that are easy to implement with items already in your pantry. She also shares two things her kids love to eat and offers a few ideas to make snacking more healthy.

  2. Chef Aran says doing everything one step at a time, with a limited amount of ingredients will get your healthy eating journey on the right track. He also tells us his trick to getting his kids to eat more green.

  3. Like wings? Food and Travel Blogger Sydney has found an interesting and guilt free alternative! Plus, how to make pasta night a guilt free one.

Toast: Bringing us Back Together

The gang closes this second episode by reminding viewers that we, as a community, can and will always come back to food. But if we’re not choosing the right foods, then we lose the true benefits of food and eating together. Our Picky Palate Host asks: “How can I do one thing better each day?” Eating with mindfulness would be a great start.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for new episodes! Also, don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms.


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