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Bringing it back to the kitchen

It doesn’t have to be this way. Most signs point to the idea that it can’t be this way.  We have to bring cooking back to the home kitchen. Our health, the quality of our social fabric, and the quality of our lives, in general, may just depend on it. We have every intention of helping to create this shift with Plates.

Let me first mention that by no means do I want this to serve as a judgment if you find yourself in the large percentage of people, especially in America that doesn’t cook much. There have been a lot of forces that have led us to this place.  The reality that we face however is that the system right now isn’t working well for most of us. The harsh reality is that we are sick. Our relationship with food is broken for many of us.

Looking at where we are can be sobering, but I’m not the kind of guy who likes to dwell on what’s wrong.  I’m like my Dad. I’m an optimist and I see a road ahead that leads to us taking control of the wheel and steering it towards our health.

The idea of Plates is simple.  We are creating a movement to bring cooking back to homes, back in the hands of people who care deeply about nourishing others as much as they care about nourishing themselves and their families.  We know everyone isn’t cooking every meal at home. For the meals people source, we saw the immense need to fill that space with a nourishing option, made from scratch, with real ingredients, with the intention of nourishing, not just feeding.  

When we speak of health at Plates, it’s not just about our health as individuals.  In fact, how can that even exist if we don’t have healthy neighborhoods, communities, and cities? Plates, is largely about connecting us, and what better medium could there be other than food and cooking? A town or city that supports Plates, is one that supports a deliberate move towards health, community, and well-being.

There are a lot of layers to the onion that we will never cease to peel away in working towards our mission here at Plates.  It gives us strength when we see our movement grow and we see that onion getting peeled across the globe.

The way we’re doing things right now isn’t working.  It’s time to shake things up. Let’s get peeling. Let’s plate.

Aran Goldstein Chef Advocate Plates


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