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Fun and Unique Types of Wine to Try This Season

If you’re like me, you probably have been feeling a bit stuck in the same routine lately. The good news is that as October welcomes us with open arms, more opportunities present themselves for month long fun and seasonal activities. October is at the peak of the harvesting season in the Northern Hemisphere, creating a remarkable environment for wine enthusiasts to thrive. Below I have put together a list of unique wines that stand out from the crowd and can make room for a fun evening with your loved ones. If you’re looking to spice up a little wine tasting get-together, then call up some friends, break out the charcuterie boards and uncork some bottles to celebrate the peak of winemaking season this October.

Fruit Wines

Now, not all wines have to be made strictly from grapes when there are plenty of other fruits that make for delicious, fun alternatives. These wines range in depth, where some are light and sweet pairing well with desserts while others can be quite complex. When it comes to fruit wines, they can be differentiated by their family; berry, citrus, and tropical fruits. Below are some of the most popular that can be found in local distributors or online merchants.

Pineapple Wine

One of the most popular fruit wines is pineapple wine. It’s flavor is sweet and tangy, and pairs well with savory meals or desserts. It is golden in color and pleasingly aromatic. MauiWine, a winery on Maui, Hawaii, takes great pride in producing a variety of flavors from their bountiful harvests. They remain true to their belief that great wines are grown, not made, as they carefully tend to their fruits grown in volcanic soils. Their flavor is unparalleled and has become a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. Check out their website to order a bottle!

Blueberry Wine

Blueberry wines are also extremely popular for their flavors ranging from tart to sweet. New Jersey is the home of the largest blueberry patch in the US, only making sense that they became the first to make a blueberry wine at Tomasello Winery. So far, other states such as Florida and Alaska have become famous for their blueberry wines making it easy to find them at local distributors or from online orders. 

Cherry Wine

Next on the list is the delightful cherry wine experience. This wine tends to be more tart with a sweetness on frontend. It is smooth and full bodied, accompanying well with chocolate, desserts, and certain entrees. My personal preference, Lucchetti Visciola Cherry Wine, is an Italian choice hand-harvested with fruit grown from nutrient-dense soils. It’s aromatic, delightful, and delicious, but sells out fast!

Sustainable Wineries to Purchase From

Have you ever picked up a bottle of wine and wondered how responsibly grown, processed, and handled it was? Well, look no further; there are plenty of wines grown with sustainable methods that do not sacrifice flavor for environmental ethics. In fact, states like California in the US have sustainability alliances in place for their wineries to benefit the land while producing quality products. 


Winc, a California-based winery, has created an online platform that offers memberships for wine lovers throughout the world. All of their wines are hand-picked, hand-crafted, and hand-delivered to your front doorstep. They believe wine should be accessible and enjoyed in its simplicity. They share an entire list of sustainable wines on their website that were grown, harvested, and processed with sustainable methods. This list includes wines from chardonnays to chillable reds with something for every palette to enjoy. 

  1. LifeVine

LiveVine wines are a unique brand that leads with utter transparency. Their grapes are grown organically with no harmful pesticides or contaminants in the soil. Their devotion to quality preserves their wine and keeps them bursting with body and high flavor profiles. The vineyard uses sustainable methodologies that won them the Purity Award from The Clean Label Project, an organization that evaluates wines for containing any substances that are not otherwise found on the label. Their wines contain less than one gram of sugar and are high in antioxidants, to which they received a superiority award for as well. Clean dieting can also come with clean wine drinking, and this winery has got all the criteria to suit. Check out their website to order between their Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon and taste the quality for yourself! 

Winc delivery image. Source: Winc.

There is value in the enthusiasm within the wine community and those around the world who indulge themselves. With too many wines to name, there is always something new to try out for an entertaining evening with friends and family. Take advantage of this month’s harvests and bring a little festivity into your weekends to make everlasting memories through the goodness of food and beverage.

As always, drink responsibly, and enjoy these wines above for their craftiness and novelty. 


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