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Healthy Snacks You Can Make Right Now

While finding a snack that’s both tasty and healthy may seem impossible, whipping up last-minute (guilt-free) snack options is easier than you think. Here are three healthy snack options to choose from the next time you’re feeling ravenous. 

Green Grapes and Muenster Cheese 

When I was younger, my Grandma Jean used to cut thin slices of Muenster cheese (from a large block that she’d bought at the deli) and serve it to me with a plate of freshly-washed, green grapes. It was (by far) my favorite snack as a child and continues to be a go-to snack option in my adulthood. Luckily for me, this quick-and-easy snack is not only affordable but it’s healthy, too. 

Grapes are basically a superfood—they’re loaded with antioxidants and important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C (an essential nutrient that your body needs to heal and grow) and vitamin K (for strong, healthy bones). Whereas Muenster cheese contains protein and vitamin B-12 (which plays a critical role in creating red blood cells and nerve function, among other things). 

Quick note: Muenster cheese has around eight grams of fat, including five grams of saturated fat. 

Baby Carrots and Hummus 

Carrots make for a great side dish or afternoon snack, especially when they’re served with a tasty dressing or hummus. Carrots also provide several health benefits: They’ve been proven to lower the risk of cancer and regulate blood pressure

Unlike ranch or other dairy-based dips, hummus is a snack everyone can enjoy (it’s ideal for vegans and vegetarians). It’s also packed with protein and contains healthy ingredients that may fight chronic inflammation. Just be sure to read the label first, as some brands of hummus contain ridiculous amounts of sodium. 

Pro tip: If you can’t find a brand of hummus that you like, try making your own

Hard-Boiled Eggs 

I eat eggs, a lot. (Like, all of the time.) Why? Because they’re cheap and super easy to make. They’re also filling and, when hard-boiled, taste great with mustard and a little bit of freshly-ground ground pepper. 

To make a perfect hard-boiled egg, carefully place a few eggs into a large pot and fill it with water. Bring the water to a boil (over medium heat); I usually let the eggs boil for 12-15 minutes. Then, turn off the burner and cover the pot with a lid. This next part will depend on how you like your eggs, but because we’re talking about hard-boiled eggs, let’s assume you actually want them hard-boiled (rather than soft-boiled). 

Set a timer for 11-12 minutes. While your timer is counting down the minutes, get a bowl and fill it with a few ice cubes and some cold water. When the timer dings, put your eggs in the ice water. (You’ll want to use some type of ladle or spoon to do this.) Let them sit for two minutes and then remove them from the water. And, that’s it: Now they’re ready to peel! 

[Feature image: Unsplash] 

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