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How to Declutter Your Kitchen

With so much newfound time at home, the space we live in is everything. It is always best to lighten your surroundings as much as possible. When it comes to the kitchen, clutter can happen easily. Decluttering your kitchen will invite more room for creativity and happy home-cooking. Follow along to find out how you can declutter your kitchen for increased productivity and sustainability in your home. 

Set priorities.

Clutter tends to happen easily when we are home a lot. We tend to overspend, buy things that we did not actually need, and thus comes the clutter. Setting your priorities is the best way to declutter your space. Start by figuring out what kitchen tools and utensils you cannot go a meal without using. If you find that you have a lot of things that you do not use on a daily basis, it might be time to say goodbye! This helps us see a clearer picture of what is tactful to have in the kitchen and what may not be. Try it out by cooking a meal and pick out what you gravitate towards using the most. Not all kitchen tools apply to every meal, but if you can figure out which gadgets are the most common and easiest to use, it can help you downsize. 

Another useful tip is to slim down on quantity. I know for my house, we have cutting boards of all shapes and sizes. There are some that have seen better days and others that do not get used often enough. For items like these, try to cut down on the number. Get rid of anything that you have gotten plenty of use out of. You’ll find yourself feeling more efficient and sustainable in no time. 

Organize the pantry.

Pantries tend to be the places we store canned goods, non-perishables, broths, flours, snacks, and more. And if yours looks anything like mine, it may need a major makeover. Organizing your pantry means you can visualize exactly what is necessary to have. For a pro-tip: try to organize the food in your pantry based on category. Organize them accordingly and sort through how much of each item you have. This helps you see exactly what you have in the kitchen, which can also limit the food you buy at your next grocery run. Organization in the places where you store food is cost-effective, productive, and can even help you meal prep. Try taking a look at pantry organizers such as these ideas that reduce clutter and allow you to utilize your space to its fullest. 

Prepare meals in advance.

We have said it before, but meal prepping really is the most sustainable practice for all kitchen-related issues. After organizing your food pantry, you can fully visualize the food you have in the house. Make lists of meals you can make out of all the ingredients. Plan your meals out accordingly, and then if you need anything extra, you know exactly what you will have to buy. This tactic is useful for decluttering your kitchen space because it will limit the amount of food you store at home. Pull inspiration from this article that gives tips on planning your meals based on what you already have in the house. It suggests setting themes while introducing the importance of doing so. Also, being conscious of the food you have in your kitchen is the best way to live more sustainably. You limit your food waste this way, clear up space in the kitchen, and can produce meals using as many ingredients as possible. 

We have all accumulated things like never before in the more recent months. Yet, as we are spending more time cooking at home and preparing fresh meals, the state of our kitchen is extremely important. Set your priorities, organize your pantries, and prepare meals based on what is available already in the house. Following these steps will help you live freely in a decluttered kitchen in no time. 


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