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How to Give Back This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving allows us all to reflect, celebrate, and be grateful for the many blessings we all have in our lives. At Plates, we believe in the strength of community; making this holiday an important time to look out for one another. However, food insecurity remains one of the biggest global issues to date. The ongoing pandemic has only worsened the situation, making it imperative this year for us to help strengthen our communities again. Anyone within their means can get involved with food security efforts across the globe. 

CEO and Founder of Plates, Reza Mahdavi, built our company from the belief that real, nutritious food is the key to prosperity. That is why the Plates Chef App features a crucial function that allows chefs to share meals for free. This way, our chefs participate in the fight to end hunger by supplying home-cooked meals to those in need. This brings people together within their communities to create a strong, nourished neighborhood. With this, we move one step closer to solving the global hunger crisis.

I was personally inspired after I took a walk around my neighborhood the other day. A group of middle schoolers had set up a drop-off bin. They were accepting non-perishables to donate to our community food bank before Thanksgiving arrives. It reminded me that every little effort can go a long way to change someone else’s life. From a community perspective to a global worldview, we can all do our part to end hunger.

Global Food Insecurity: Action Against Hunger

There are plenty of non-profit organizations around the world that bring food and aid to those in need. One of the leading participants is Action Against Hunger. This organization has led the charge to end world hunger for the past 40 years. Its team is constantly learning new methods to help communities that suffer from hunger and malnutrition. They work to solve food insecurity, provide clean water, assure proper sanitation and hygiene, and bring emergency relief to children and families in need. 

With operations in over 45 countries, Action Against Hunger is always devoting its time to creating a better future. The organization is always accepting donations through their website to continue saving lives and tackling food insecurity worldwide.

The Artist Plate Project in New York City

Food insecurity is a multifaceted issue that intersects many different issues. Amongst those is the issue of homelessness across the globe. In New York City alone, however, approximately 58,000 New Yorkers sleep in homeless shelters each night. This statistic is part of what motivates the highly acclaimed Artist Plate Project.

The Artist Plate Project is an initiative started by Coalition for the Homeless. Coalition for the Homeless is the nation’s oldest advocacy and service organization that brings aid to the homeless. With the new Artist Plate Project initiative, they sell limited-edition plates created by their team of 50 world-renowned artists. All of the proceeds provide shelter, food, and other services to the homeless. Each sale can provide about 75 meals to those in need. With this unique and constructive project, Coalition for the Homeless continues to bring aid to those living with constant food insecurity. If you would like more information or to find ways to donate, you can check out their website or follow their Instagram page: @artistplateproject. Each purchase goes a very long way towards the fight to end homelessness and hunger. 

Feeding America: Tackling US Food Insecurity

More than 40 million people in The United States are food insecure. This number includes a demographic of about 17 million children who go hungry every day. Unfortunately, these numbers have increased since the pandemic, making food security of the utmost importance. Feeding America is a non-profit organization that draws attention to this problem. It is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the country. They have about 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries operating nationwide. Their team takes a holistic approach to hunger as they also address issues with housing, employment, and healthcare. 

Just as Action Against Hunger, Feeding America is always accepting donations. They also have locations all over the US where volunteers can get hands-on experience providing assistance. Use their website to find a Feeding America food pantry near you, and learn more about how you can make a difference.

Although we are living through unprecedented times, it has given us an opportunity to come together. People across the world are suffering from hunger; many within our own communities. Take some time to give back this holiday season, and remember that every little bit counts. Raise awareness, donate, and together we can fight food insecurity.

[Feeature image: Unsplash] 

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