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How to make your Instagram feed stand out

Most of us struggle to even remember to take a picture before eating because, well…we are excited to eat. However, to get noticed, the goal is to take time to prepare a delicious meal and to stage the perfect Instagram pictures. 

We have listed below some advice from researching some foodie Instagram accounts: Alexandra Beauvais, @byalexandrabeauvais, showcases how gluten free foods can be as delicious and easy to make. Sara Tercero, @betterfoodguru, makes you want to eat vegan food even if you are not vegan through her Instagram feed! Same with Hailey Wright, @haileysnickysnacks, whether you are a snaker or not she makes you wish you could grab her food through your phone. These are only a handful of examples but if you can make your audience crave your food from a distance you are doing the right thing. Keep scrolling down to get our top tips and tricks to help your feed!

Alexandra Beauvais, @byalexandrabeauvais

Sara Tercero, @betterfoodguru

Hailey Wright, @haileysnickysnacks

Learning from these accounts, we have tips to up your Instagram game:

Lighting: Turn all your lights on before taking the final picture of your creation. This will help remove pixels and enhance the quality of your photo.

Camera: Most phones have stellar cameras however if you do have a DSLR or a mirrorless camera take advantage of it. Watch a tutorial on your phone or camera model to see what it has to offer.

Dishes: Lovely dishes really do make a difference in the photo. Stick to a similar color aesthetic for your dishes or change it up often. The key is to stay consistent with your brand and dishes are included. Pick the plates that will carry your food goals forward.

Final touches: Always check the presentation before shooting. Check the side of the dish to make sure no sauce got on it. Make sure the feel you are going for is there and noticeable.

Editing: A lot of people forget this step, yet it is crucial to building a consistent feed. When someone is looking at your Instagram page and discovering your images they will scroll through a handful of them. A similar editing tone (preset) in place will show consistency in branding. 

Use a planning tool to schedule out your images so you know what your feed will look like beforehand.

Do not be afraid to take action shots with food! The final shot is always a wowzer but an action shot can also inspire or educate your audience. Don’t be afraid to get your camera dirty and experiment with your photography style!


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