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Industry Roundup: Building Healthy Neighborhoods and the Local Food Economy

Welcome back to another industry roundup from Plates where we pick out some of the important news of the week ahead of our next episode of Around the Table.

This week we are focusing on building healthy communities and supporting local businesses. Supporting the health and growth of local food businesses are building blocks of strong neighborhoods across the globe. Are you interested in supporting your local food businesses? Do you care about building healthier neighborhoods? If so, take some time out of your week and check out some interesting stories we’ve curated from the journalism world that will dish out all you need to know about food.

Did you miss the last episode of Around the Table? Our third episode really focused on something we care about, starting fresh. We had three incredible panelists who joined our host Ace @joinplates. We had former UN food & agriculture member Doug @mcguiredouglas, time-space-energy practitioner Marie-Pierre @mariepierredillenseger, and integrative health coach Gia @giagolinello. Check the third episode out here.

Building Healthy Neighborhoods

The Guardian discusses what the role of UK restaurants can be once the pandemic lifts. The author argues the power of restaurants continuing this practice by exploring other organizations that’s done this with varying degrees of success. But there is also the issue of the government and its role in supporting food justice initiatives. Read it here.

The Guardian explains how racism is now a public health emergency. The key to building healthy communities is tackling disparities in Black Americans and Latinx communities this except argues. Read it here.

Block Club Chicago provides context to what will be a new healthy grocery store opening on Chicago’s Englewood community on the Southside. The new “Healthy Marketplace” will feature locally-sourced produce and ready-to-eat meals prepared by Chicago-area chefs. There will be space available for an outdoor garden right next to an adjacent lot. Read it here.

Greenbiz argues the need for a healthy and resilient food system using a circular economy. The article explains the issues some countries face with the food chain like the US throwing away food. While the UK, France, and Germany is encouraging have urged their citizens to help farmers harvest crops this summer to make up for the shortage of international workers on farms, which shows the importance of their work in the food chain. Read it here.

Building the Local Food Economy

Eater Seattle explains ways people can help support Black-owned restaurants and other food businesses. This article provides a list of ideas to help a few of them are supporting community kitchens, strengthening the food pipeline and following the many social media posts highlighting Black-owned restaurants. Read it here.

The Grocer UK reports that My Food Shop launched an online grocery delivery service to support London foodservice suppliers. Interest customers who use My Food Shop will be able to order specialty and restaurant-standard produce that is usually for restaurants all for supermarket prices. The platform will work with suppliers and producers to support the industry and prevent further food waste. Read it here.

Boston Standard UK makes a call for action to support Boston Market’s local businesses to beat the pandemic. The ask is to simply go out and support the local economy by purchasing food now from their regular traders who are looking for support to build up what they lost during the shutdown. Read it here.

For more stories like these and in-depth discussions with industry experts, join us this Thursday at 12 pm EST on YouTube or Facebook live for our fourth episode of Around the Table about building healthy communities and economies with our Plates host Ace and a new group of friends.

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