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Industry Roundup: Covid-19 Restaurant, Business & Agriculture News

Since the pandemic, there’s been a rise in news discussing the impact the virus has had on businesses across the globe. The food industry comprises of millions of businesses, hit by Covid-19 — farming, restaurants, and workers everywhere are figuring out when and how to reopen stores, continue production and make ends meet. We understand how hard it must be to go through this and how it has affected families everywhere. One way to stay abreast of what’s going on is through staying aware of how the industry is fairing right now and for the foreseeable future. Below is a curated list of articles to keep you informed about business, agriculture and the future of the food industry as we know it.

Future of the Industry

  1. The New Yorker’s Helen Rosner interviews Tom Colicchio about the restaurant industry. They discuss what it will take for restaurants to survive and his new food lobbyist group Independent Restaurant Coalition that’s going to take Capitol Hill to task. Read it here.

  2. Boston Magazine discuss the way restaurants in the city could look once they reopen. Some ideas suggest that some stipulations put into place with social distancing will continue, like keeping six feet apart and an increase in reservations. This will be an example of what could happen across the world, especially in the U.S. Read it here.

  3. The Commercial Observer has a take on the post Covid-19 restaurant scene. Since the openings of Georgia and Texas, Virginia is eyeing the opportunity to open back up by May 15 and it is not clear if that will happen. Some restaurants shifted to delivery only to pay bills and of those who chose to stay open are already creating a plan for a reopen. Read it here.

  4. Forbes argues the four things restaurants must address after Covid-19. This article is taking the position of what restaurants should do for themselves as businesses. One suggestion is to change the menu carefully due to food production shortage. Read it here.

  5. Atlanta Magazine tackles 10 ways to help restaurants survive Covid-19. Some suggestions are buying groceries from fellow restaurants since some have shifted to retail for now and fighting for better health insurance and sick leave for workers. Read it here.


  1. QSR explains how restaurants can win after Covid-19 ends. It’s done through discussing the Datassential report called “Money Matters” that explores how restaurants can address customers anxieties around spending and how people can understand the position of the restaurant. One interesting statistic is that once the pandemic is over, 38% of consumers said they’ll eat out less often. Read it here.

  2. Restaurant Business Online explores how the pandemic is going to change consumer dining behavior. Their survey shows that 33% of consumers are baking more and 40% are going to budget more savings after the threat passes. Read it here.

  3. Fortune reports three perspectives of restaurateurs is weathering the pandemic. They spoke to three people representing large, mid-size, and small businesses — Brian Niccol, chairman and CEO of Chipotle, Tom Colicchio, owner of Crafted Hospitality, and Moonlynn Tsai, co-owner of Kopitiam. Read it here.

  4. Restaurant Dive tackles the debate between third-party vs. direct delivery debate. The debate is explored through the Chicago restaurant Aloha Eats who was grassroots with delivery using phone only, who had to shift to online ordering once the pandemic hit. Read it here.


  1. PBS explains how Covid-19 is disrupting agriculture. Not only are farmers hurt, but the undocumented workers also need support. Stephanie Sy talks to agriculture reporter Amy Mayer of Iowa Public Radio about this issue. Read (or listen to it) here.

  2. The Guardian discuss how farmers are destroying tons of food and what can be done about it. Dairy farmers are dumping milk, hog and chicken farmers are euthanizing animals, and crop growers are plowing vegetables. The winners are corporate executives and major shareholders while consumers, farmworkers, meatpackers, farmers and of course the environment lose out. The article goes into changes like policy that can change this issue. Read it here.

  3. Agriculture reports that farmers are taking a beating by the virus for the second month. There is a financial hit and sparked an economic slow down and has worried farmers and their profitability. About 55% of producers expect to have less money this year than the last and 42% said their top concern about Covid-19 is market access. Read it here.

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