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Industry Roundup: Healthy Eating, Grocery and Plant-based food

We are back with new news this week about healthy eating, the grocery industry and plant-based food. If you caught our last episode of Around the Table 5/28, then you learned how our panelists feel about healthy eating at home, choosing the right ingredients, picking the right recipes for you, and delicious food substitutions to jump start your recipes from and @betterfoodguru.

This week we dive into US and UK perspectives about the food system about healthy eating and all that goes with it like nutrition, farming and cooking. We believe that eating healthy food is what nourishes the soul. So join us in reading the important news for Plates this week.

Healthy Eating

Research from Influence Central shows 88% of consumers are cooking more meals at home with 49% making meals from scratch according to Supermarket Perimeter. Most consumers were found to cook what they already had in stock and they are trying new recipes more than ever. Read it here.

The Conversation argues that now that people are at home, it’s an opportunity to change your eating habits altogether. There are more people cooking at home and from scratch and it’s clear with flour sales up 93%. Cooking from scratch is connected to a healthier diet. Some tips are changing shopping habits and choosing the right meals. Read it here.

US News reports that eating more diverse food can expand heart health. Trying foods from different cultures and in moderation can boost your health. Just 1 in 10 adults meet the daily recommendation of fruit and vegetable suggestions but eating simpler will help. Read it here.

The Independent reports how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown. The article argues that engaging in a pattern of over-eating and not exercising can have a negative impact on your health. Rather than reduce your meals, the suggestion is to listen to hunger signals and eat until you’re satisfied. Read it here.


The Independent explores the “coronavirus diet,” or the urge to eat like “little kids.” Sales of food items like frozen pizza have doubled and frozen appetizers and snacks are more than a third, while ice cream sales are up by 36%. The thought behind this is connected to one issue, stress. Read it here.

Grocery Dive reports Kroger’s healthcare division is offering free virtual consultations to shoppers to help them find healthy produces to purchase in store. Customers speak via video with a registered dietitian. This is in response to the pandemic and the rise of people cooking at home more. Read it here.

Plant-based food

VegNews reports EU to promote plant-based shift with $11 billion farm to fork strategy. This shift is to push to planet-friendly plant-based diets to make the EU carbon neutral by 2050. The strategy will focus on finding more sustainable food sources such as plant-based and cultivated meat. Read it here.

Impossible Foods CEO believes meat industry farmers, truckers and butchers will be vital to the plant-based meat revolution according to VegNews. The argument is that spaces that “no longer have relevance” can be repurposed and though jobs will change, workers will still be needed. Read it here.

Plant Based News writes an opinion piece rebutting The New York Times piece about the “end of meat.” This article agrees with the science backed by animal agriculture as a leading cause for global warming and the mistreatment of animals as well as the demand for plant-based products. However, it is hardly the end of meat because animal agriculture practices haven’t changed much. Read it here.

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