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Plates Kitchen: Banana & Apple Oatmeal

Banana & Apple Oatmeal


A simple banana & apple oatmeal

An oatmeal to spice up your Breakfast

Let’s be honest, plain oatmeal is not always fun. I used to have plain oats for breakfast and frankly, I ended up adding some sugar to put in some taste. I love getting recipes from YouTube and one morning, one of my favorite YouTubers shared her oatmeal recipe. She added a smashed banana for starters, which was not new to me, but then she added a sliced apple and loads of cinnamon. She essentially incorporated an apple crumble, or pie flavor to her morning oatmeal.

This got me so excited that I tried it for dinner and loved it. I had no clue you could transform a plain classic morning meal into something delightful. If you love flavors in the morning to help wake you up, try this recipe! By adding a banana, for even more flavor, you can enjoy a delightful variation of oatmeal for breakfast. 

Let’s Get Cooking

Tools, Ingredients & Directions

Here’s everything you’ll need to get started.

This breakfast recipe was made with love and passion. Make sure to add this recipe to your Plate! 

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