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Plates: The Food Sharing Platform To Grow Your Business & Ignite Your Community

Joining our family as a “food creator” sets you up for three distinct possibilities

Starting a business is hard. Keeping it alive is even harder. According to the Small Business Administration, about two-thirds of all newly minted businesses survive their two-year mark and only half make it to year five. The SBA also suggests that a company’s failure isn’t necessarily associated with a struggling economy or because it exists within a “risky” industry sector.  A lack of funding, poor planning and bad management were the top reasons owners reported as to why their businesses failed.

However, don’t let the risk of failure mirror the risk of not trying. Technology continues to make room for new realities to exist and create opportunities to expand your entrepreneurial potential. Plates is part of that digital renaissance giving way to the pioneering individuals that exist within the food space. Whether you’re the designated cook in the family during the holidays, own a cattle ranch or have a food blog totally devoted to cheese making there’s a place for you to earn and grow with Plates! 

The First Possibility: Connecting with people

They are all important within their own right, but we take great pride in its most fundamental component: community. The Plates app is designed to connect food creators (you) with food lovers (diners) that are located within your vicinity. That means discovering your neighborhood and the people within it that you might not have before. Your portion heavy pot roast or lovingly made chocolate layer cake might be just the thing your neighbor needs to make their day. Food is community and can bring people together. Be the one others can count on when times get rough. We’re here to help.

The Second Possibility: Earning money to add to your livelihood

This is important and partnering with Plates will give you the opportunity to be in business for yourself. As a Plates Chef (aka food creator), you have the power to make your own money when you want to, how you want to and where you want to. Bake and sell bread on the weekends when you’re off from your corporate job, or jumpstart your career while in culinary school by using the Plates platform to share your new skills. 

Even in established networks, there is a place to utilize Plates for income generation.  An April article published in The Washington Post inadvertently revealed the need for alternative selling channels. The COVID-19 outbreak slammed the breaks on many farming businesses whose model was to sell produce to other businesses and organizations within the food sector. However, with one door closing another opened up and led the end consumer directly to the source. Plates is the platform to put you in touch with local customers in need of your product, serve to streamline orders and implement a new money making system for your existing business.

The Third Possibility: Putting you on the map as a food-based professional

We can’t promise you’ll become the next celebrity chef or food stylist, but if you want to get noticed and expand your brand then joining Plates can help you shine even brighter. Our app gives diners the ability to rate food and leave comments on the profiles of food creators. The emphasis here isn’t solely on pedigree. On our platform, your talent will speak for itself based on what you put forth and your rave reviews! But, if you’re hoping to build your resume then Plates can serve as a great place to start. Prove your skills in the kitchen to potential clients and employers alike by showcasing your ability to menu plan, get orders prepared in time and putting out great products all from our platform!

Plates is a diverse marketplace whose purpose is to promote you, your brand and your business. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to. While our platform is robust enough to accommodate food creators with a mind for business, the heart of our business is modest. Pull out the app to connect with a friend, or make a new one, with food as the premise. Your dinner table is calling.


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