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Sustainable food packaging that will help build an environmentally friendly business

The world is on the path to increase more waste than ever before. Global waste is estimated to grow by 3.40 billion tons by 2050 — directly connected to countries with a higher income level. While waste management is usually passed on to citizens to fix, companies continue to produce waste beyond the average person. As a result, people have a small impact on the system and structure of waste while industrial waste from companies represents 97% of our problems with climate change and a host of sustainability issues. Even though people make up the 3% of the total waste produced worldwide, we should still do our part to use sustainable products that can help reduce, reuse and recycle. Part of that as a small business is to learn how to function with a small footprint as you make your homemade food for your Diners.

What A Small Food Business Needs To Function At Plates

As a Plates Chef, it’s imperative that you think about sustainable packaging that represents your brand and epitomizes what Plates values — making the world a better place through improving the community. Certainly, feel free to use reusable Tupperware or request Diners to bring their own, otherwise, let’s take a quick look at some sustainable food packaging that will help you build the best environmentally friendly business.

Are you looking for a one stop shop that has everything you need from to go boxes, compostable bags, biodegradable plastic cups, utensils and more? Then Good Start Packaging @goodstartpackaging can supply your needs. If you purchase from this company, you are guaranteed supplies that cater to sustainability. If you’re interested, not only can you buy in bulk, items like their to go boxes are made from 100% compostable materials in natural fibers from wheat or PLA bioplastic made from corn. All their boxes are non-toxic, gluten free, eco-friendly, and have no linings.

Not only does this company have the standards — bowls, containers, cups and boxes, but if you’re interested in getting your own branded content, MrTakeOutBags @mrtakeoutbags can create an experience that uses your own branded & custom logos to make your business even more official, which is their specialty. The company is all about supporting small businesses with the focus on eco-friendly packaging options that are compostable and made from reusable fibers like sugarcane.

If you’re not sure what you want in terms of packaging, Be Green Packaging @begreenpkg will send you a sample pack for free so you can see the quality of their product. Their packaging is a blend of plant fibers of bamboo, bulrush, and sugarcane that is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable; including their lids. What’s even better is their packaging is microwave, oven and freezer safe. This no nonsense, no-frills award-winning company caters to small businesses and restaurants.

The “pioneers” of the sustainable food packaging world, BioMass Packaging @biomasspackage is another company that can create custom printed items that can help personalize your business. This company sells an array of food containers like clamshells, soup bowls, portion cups, deli containers, wraps, and takeout boxes and pails. They also sell compostable bio-plastic t-shirt bags and specialty bags for coffee. BioMass is committed to saving the planet and that starts with reducing trash. Are you also interested in learning more about eco-friendly education? BioMass makes that easy for you by teaching about topics like recycling, biodegradability and carbon neutrality.

Interested in innovative products made with wheat bran? Biotrem @biotrem_eu is for you. This company sells its products worldwide where they create 10,000 units of plates and bowls from 1 ton of pure wheat bran that decomposes in 30 days. You can use their products for both hot and cold meals and you can use their products in ovens (classic and microwave) and their even edible too.

This award-winning plant-based product company have products that are commercially compostable with food scraps. The cards, ink, paper and more are all made with plant-based and sustainably sourced materials. Vegware @vegware has been going strong since 2006 and sells everything from containers to waxed deli paper to window boxes and food prep gloves.

This startup has a team of designers, chemists, engineers and entrepreneurs behind the disappearing packaging known as Notpla @notpla. They create liners and sachets for your condiments. What’s special about these sachets is that they are completely biodegradable, and you can store any liquid in them making it ideal for on the go consumption. Have a drink you want to make bite-sized? Then this would be a sustainable and innovative way to provide your customers with liquids they can eat.

Simply want a sustainable way to wrap your food? Then Scoby Packaging from Make it Grow Lab @makegrowlab will fit the bill. It is stronger than paper, home compostable, 100% plastic-free and more. The company cares about creating a circular production of local sustainable materials to share around the world and draws inspiration from the lifecycle of plants.

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