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The Best YT Food Channels

From educational to outrageous, cooking shows play an important role in teaching home cooks valuable skills. YouTube (YT) food channels often offer a unique take and feature people, cuisines, and methods you wouldn’t usually find in mainstream media. 

Whether you’re stuck in a food rut, searching for budget-friendly recipes, or trying your hand at home cooking for the first time, here are four YT food channels to sink your teeth into.

Pro Home Cooks

Formerly known as Brothers Green Eats, Pro Home Cooks’ instructional videos will make you feel like you’re equipped with everything you need to level-up your skills—even if you’re cooking in a tiny apartment kitchen. 

Mike Greenfield often turns to popular modern appliances like air fryers to reinvent classic dishes such as chicken wings and homemade slider buns. Bringing a no-waste mentality to the table, he reuses leftover ingredients to prepare delicious meals. Meanwhile, Mike’s brother (Josh) takes on more complicated projects, from making homemade cheese to fermenting kombucha.

Instead of showing you what to cook, Pro Home Cooks teaches you how to cook. If you’re new to cooking at home, “10 Cooking Skills You Wish You Had Known…” is a must-watch. With tips like choosing quality ingredients and tasting as you go, Mike Greenfield provides a valuable introduction to cooking that inspires home cooks to rethink their food combinations and technique.

Joshua Weissman

Open your kitchen cabinet and you’ll find oils, spices, and rice, but food YouTuber Joshua Weissman sees his camera. Weissman’s channel features a wide range of recipes, how-to guides, and tips for recreating meals on a budget.

Weissman’s channel mainly follows his journey to recreate the better versions of fast food, from Popeye’s chicken sandwich to Wendy’s Baconator, or classic grocery store finds, like Toaster Strudels. Unlike other videos that follow this structure, Weissman breaks down his recipes in a way that’s easy to recreate in your own kitchen.

In addition to fast-food classics and grocery store staples, Weissman’s channel also features step-by-step instructions for making delicious eats, such as French toast, breakfast burritos, and even homemade gnocchi. If you’re cooking on a budget, be sure to check out his “But Cheaper” series to find budget-friendly guides for creating classic dishes.

Babish Culinary Universe

Andrew Rea (AKA Babish) started Babish Culinary Universe to recreate dishes from popular TV shows and movies. As a self-taught home cook, Rea’s most popular videos feature real-life versions of famous dishes like Spongebob’s Krabby Patties and Ram-Don from Parasite. Recently, Rea expanded into creating videos that focus on mastering classic recipes and teaching kitchen basics.

In his “Basics with Babish” series, Rea focuses on reinforcing the foundational aspects of cooking you’ll need to become a master home cook. Ever wondered why some salsas are better than others? Rea’s episode on sauces can answer your questions about chopping, mincing, and deglazing to help you create the perfect sauce.

In Rea’s newest series, “Stump Sohla,” former Bon Appetit staffer Sohla El-Waylly and Rea face-off in head-to-head culinary battles to test whether a classically trained chef can take down a self-taught home cook. Whether you’re looking to master your home cooking skills or find a specific recipe, Rea breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps so anyone can learn.

Bon Appétit

Unlike the other channels on this list, Bon Appétit creates videos for people who are slightly more experienced in the realms of cooking and baking. Because several people run the Bon Appétit channel, there are multiple video series within it, including “Gourmet Makes,” where a pastry chef attempts to recreate gourmet versions of junk foods, and “Back-to-Back Chef,” where chefs challenge celebrities in the kitchen.

With a wide variety of videos and series, Bon Appétit caters to a larger demographic of home chefs and bakers. But if you’re just searching for general cooking tips or easy beginner recipes, this channel might not be for you. Bon Appétit dives into much deeper detail than other channels, explaining the different techniques, ingredients, and tools. 

From step-by-step recipe guides to introductions to home cooking, YouTube food channels can help you learn valuable home cooking skills and teach yourself how to become a better home cook.

[Feeature image: Unsplash]


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