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For a healthy neighborhood

Where local food artisans meet passionate food lovers

One app, hundreds of possibilities.

Plates is a platform designed to give the community access to healthy food, reduce food waste, alleviate food insecurity, and create a more substantial community fabric. 

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How Does It Work?


Creators choose what they'd like to sell: baked goods, jams, or a four-course meal.


Additionally, Creators decide how their creations are shared through an immersive dine-in experience, a pick-up, or via delivery.


Once the post is published, complete with the photo, price, and location, Creators can cash out. 


Share Your Creations

Cook the food you love and share it with the world through Plates.

Our platform empowers food Creators, including farmers, bakers, beekeepers, fishermen, and chefs, to showcase their passion for food and drive positive change.


Join us today to be part of a movement that cares about the impact of food on health and communities.


Eat Local 

Eating local food has many benefits, including fresher and more nutritious food, support for small-scale and sustainable farming, a reduced carbon footprint from transportation, building a sense of community, and preserving local food systems and cultural heritage.


Eating local is a way to support local communities and the environment while enjoying delicious and healthy food.

Choose to make a difference and join us today.

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