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Our Mission

Plates is a platform designed: to give access to healthy food, reduce food waste, alleviate food insecurity, and create a stronger community fabric.

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For the Community

We’re making it possible to access freshly made food in your neighborhood.

Plates bring local communities together by connecting people through a shared love of food. 

A thriving neighborhood is a healthy and socially connected one.

For the Humanity

There are over 800 million people in our world that don't get sufficient food, and 40 million U.S. residents struggling with food insecurity. 

We wanted to create a platform that empowers people locally.

Food sharing within a community can directly unite and address the needs of their neighbor or receive support if they are in need.

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For the Health

Food waste is a deeply unfortunate reality today. Approximately $650 billion worth of food goes to waste each year, globally. 

In the U.S., that figure is $165 billion. Chipping away at those figures means consciously approaching food production and consumption. 

Sharing food within a local economy creates sustainability that will reduce food waste globally.

For the Environment

Plates encourage food prepared in smaller batches, moving shorter distances, with less or no packaging, and in a predictable manner.

By encouraging and incentivizing Users to source locally, use reusable containers, travel a shorter distance to get food, and eliminate food waste, we aim to lessen the carbon footprint of our food systems.

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