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Plates by Plates App Live in London

Plates Ltd announces the formal launch of the Plates by Plates App and services in London. The platform is available throughout England. Plates is designed to foster a healthier community by connecting local food Creators such as cooks, bakers, and farmers with Consumers seeking freshly made, healthy options.

"What I like about the Plates team is that they are focused on quality and health rather than profits," comments Maryam Shams of Maryam’s kitchen.

“The time has come for an easy-to-use, community-engaging, and environmentally friendly App connecting passionate food Creators with food lovers establishing a local circular economy. This is the base for healthy neighborhoods. The App is free to download and there is no subscription to join. Food Creators can simply download the App, enter a profile and start listing. Plates provides a flexible and accessible way to market and sell directly to Consumers. We have seen innovative usage of Plates such as PopUp restaurants, cooking classes, taste sampling, and food trucks in the U.S.” Said Reza Mahdavi the founder and CEO of Plates

“This is a unique opportunity to empower talented people to make their food offerings available for private or public consumption,” adds Manelli Hosseini, Plates’ head of Field Operations. “Over the coming weeks, we will onboard Creators in selected zones in London, starting with the Fitzrovia/W1 area. For the first time, you have an easy-to-use platform that connects food Creators with their receptive audience. Farmers, Caterers, Bakers, and Cooking schools alumni will all be able to use Plates to market and sell their products directly to their network and expand as they like."

About MyPlates Ltd Plates is a platform designed to give access to healthy food, reduce food waste, alleviate food insecurity, and create a stronger community fabric. We invite food Creators to join Plates and market, sell, and donate food in their local community. Join us today at

The Plates by Plates App is available for download on the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

1 comment

1 Comment

Mehran Kordi
Mehran Kordi
Apr 21, 2023

Go Plates Team !

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